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Orders and Ofers

  • Is there a minimum order?;

Definitely not. One of the advantages of the methods that T-Shirt Gallery uses for printing is that you can order a single T-shirt only!

  • Can I have a mass order?

T-Shirt Gallery can take such an order only for its clients. In such a case prices are different and the parties interested should come in contact with us.

  • Are the Last Minute Gifts sold at a better price dice to defectiveness?

No way!!! T-shirts of this category are the ones that have already been printed and are availed at one of our stores. In this way you won’t have to waste time waiting for your T-shirt to be produced. That’s why are sold at special prices only though our website.

  • Are the prices of T-shirts changing?

Our products prices depend directly on the price of T-shirt and the materials used for the stamps. Therefore, in case of price change regarding these materials, T-Shirtgallery will move to adjustment of it’s products’ price. It must be noticed that the price of a T-shirt is the one valid at the date of order and not at the date of delivery.


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