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Quality and types of printing

  • Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer stamps are one of the oldest forms of printing and creating of T-shirts. Ours is a much different, improved form in terms of quality. Thermal transfer is in reality a special type of paper that comes through a laser printer having a magnetite high resolution quality. The stamp is then transferred on to the T-shirt and is pressed under high temperature in the special press of T-shirt. With this type of stamp you have the ability to print all the design of your own special needs, photos, pictures, from the internet and magazines.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl stamps are a relatively unknown type of printing to most people. However, it is one of the most impressive types of printing, in terms of graphic design and quality. It is more than sure that your T-shirt wills perish first and the stamp will remain! With this kind of stamp you have the ability to print vector designs mainly, since in this case the stamp is directly made on the T-shirt and can easily be displayed at the screens of the most famous apparel stores.

Check the vinyls' colors

  • Silk printing

This is one of the oldest and most complicated methods. That is why it is usually demanded to give an order of at least 50 T-shirts in order to have printed in this way. Printing quality is very good, since what remains on the T-shirt is the colour that through a special film permeates the shirt. It must be noticed at this point that in this case it is not possible to have photo or designs that contain many colours printed. For more information or a special offer please contact the customer service departments of T-Shirt Gallery.


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