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For a long time, SOL’S has demanded that no toxic colors to the skin or environment are used in their factories. SOL’S is certified Oeko Tex standard 100 (ZSOL 027101) for T-shirts and cotton-based polo-shirts.   


SOL'S is committed to abide strictly to the Geneva Convention in its factories. To that end, frequent regular audits are carried out annually. SOL'S ensures that their partners, particularly in Bangladesh, abide strictly by the minimum age of 18 for work in its factories. Note the Geneva Convention sets the legal working age at 14 or 16 depending on the country.


SOL'S in collaboration with Max Havelaar will abide by their commitment in 2011 with their collection « BI-ETHIC » which fair trade cotton allows the small Indian producers to live with dignity from their land. The products from this range with textile references SOL'S BI-ETHIC T.MEN & WOMEN and SOL'S BI-ETHIC BAMBINO, bags SOL'S BI-ETHIC ZEN & CONFERENCE & DAILY have obtained a double certification « made of organically grown cotton» in accordance with Organic Exchange 100 by Control Union Certifications, and « Fair Trade cotton » with the label Fairtrade/Max Havelaar. Buying a SOL'S Bi-Ethic product, it is having a durable and committed approach!

ISO 9001

SOL’S logistics at Le Havre offers a service certified ISO 9001.
Buying a SOL’S product is the guarantee of a delivery in full conformity !

SOL’S is a signatory to a collaboration agreement with the French Textile and Clothing Institute (Institut Français du Textile - IFTH) aiming at establishing the terms and conditions for non-toxicity, in keeping with the regulations in force notably regarding European laws (REACH). It is our duty, as European importers, to respect the restrictions of the Appendix XVII of the REACH regulation which apply to our products, and to inform, as the updates come, our customers of the possible presence of an extremely preoccupying substance (SVHC of the list candidate for the authorization) when its concentration exceeds 0,1%. For any information on REACH, see the ECHA website (Agence européenne des produits chimiques) :
Buying a SOL’S product, it is buying a product which protects « the Consumer's Health and Safety » !

Control Union Inspection

SOL’S is committed to the protection of the environment as can be seen with our organically grown cotton range : « SOL’S ORGANIC » SOL’S initiated a certification process with CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATIONS, world-reknown organism, in order to obtain the certification ORGANIC EXCHANGE 100. This program guarantees the traceability and conformity of our organically grown cotton products. CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATIONS also guarantees no GMOs have been used in the products mentioned. SOL’S is certified under the number CU815208 for the following products : SOL’S ORGANIC MEN – SOL’S ORGANIC WOMEN – SOL’S ORGANIC KIDS – SOL’S ORGANIC REEF MEN & WOMEN
Buying a SOL’S product certified OE100 is a support to respect the environment !


SOL’S subscribes to the French Communication Professional Federation (Fédération Française des Professionnels de la communication par l’Objet - 2FPCO) which has its own charter on the following topics : Ethics and Lasting Development, Commercial Transparency, Business Organization, Quality Label (the fundamental principles of the profession are listed). For the end user, choosing a member of the 2FPCO is the guarantee to work with a professional committed to the promises specified in the charter – see the 2FPCO web-site : Buying a product from SOL’S is placing an order from a committed responsible provider !


SOL’S, a member of the Importers General Confederation (Confédération Générale des Importateurs - CGI), is well informed and follows the changes to the rules and regulations in force, thus guaranteeing its customers that its products are in full conformity. The CGI is with us every step of the way.
Buying a product from SOL’S is buying a product in full conformity with the
regulations in force !

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