Welcome to T-Shirt Gallery Shop.

We support fair trade companies, eco-conscious artisans and small family businesses that care for the environment.


Just looking brilliant is not good enough for us! We make sure that all our products are both perfectly functional and long-lasting.


We support small environmental footprint companies using recycling methods, we support independent designers and creators, mainly from Greece and from all over the world.


We endorse products and companies that employ local artisans on fair trade terms. At T-Shirt Gallery we believe that every person deserves a high standard of living.


Thermal transfer stamps are perhaps one of the oldest forms of printing and creating T-shirts but in a very different and improved version, both in terms of quality and durability. The heat transfer stamp is essentially a kind of transferable special paper or vinyl that passes through a laser printer with incredible photographic quality. Then, the print is carried on the T-shirt and pressed at high temperature on the T-shirt special press. With heat transfer prints, you can print any drawing you want, from photos, images from the Internet, mobile phones,


Vinyl Stamps are one of the most impressive t-shirt printing methods, both in graphic design and in durability. With vinyl prints, you can print mainly linear patterns combining 2 or more colors, not photos. With these stamps you can achieve impressive results and create a T-shirt that could comfortably exist in the showrooms of the most famous stores.

Silk screen printing

The silkscreen method is one of the oldest methods of fabric printing and one of the most complex ones at the same time, which also justifies the need for a large quantity of (50TX) T-shirts to print them. The quality of the print is very good as in this case what stays on the T-shirt is the color passes into the garment. It should be noted that in this case there is no possibility of printing photographs and drawings containing many color shades. For more information or a possible offer, please contact the T-Shirt Gallery.

Digital printing

Printing photos and generally .jpeg, .png, etc, we use state-of-the-art printers. The file is printed on special paper and then with the heat transfer method is printed on the t-shirt.